Sunday, August 7, 2011

Father's Day

I realize Father's Day was several months ago, but I wanted to share what the kids created for their daddy's. It's a fun gift idea for any man in your life or perhaps dad's birthday. Plus the kids can get involved in the action.

I saw this idea and recipe for spicy chex mix on Eighteen 25, but I adapted it a little for the guys in our life. Instead of a shirt & tie box we used a polo and whistle to symbolize their coaching jobs.
The ingredients for spicy chex mix

My 2 assistants

G pouring in the chex mix
Sawyer demonstrating his cooking skills

My 2 taste testers

The final products for Dad & Uncle Troy
I love this idea because the food and presentation options are endless.

Here's a picture of my guys on Father's Day. Per Kyle's request it was a very relaxing day filled with no work, watching movies, and eating chex mix.

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