Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Owie's Abound

Warmer weather = more owie's

sorry these are blurry he really wanted me to take the picture so he could see what it looked like.

That night we have a play date and he had to wear a band-aid to ensure he did not get blood all over the other kids. I was very surprised he wore it. It was probably because he couldn't see it. He has always immediately taken off other bandaids.

I adore this picture because this is what he looks like all day. He's becoming such a little boy. This is also his new favorite perch. Climbing to sit in the bay window and watch the squirrels.

And making his shorts season debut.

The last few weeks the weather has been improving and I get to spend most mornings outside with the kids. They have a blast going on walks, going to the park, or playing with outdoor toys, or just running down the sidewalk. However, all the adventures have resulted in several scraped knees and even a small head injury.

Sawyer fell while running with the toy mower behind him. It actually looks a lot worse than it is. There was very little blood as most of it stayed beneath the skin. And other than a few tears from the shock of falling he was back to himself within 20 seconds. In fact, by the time I reached the house to clean off the blood he was ready to get down and play again.

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