Saturday, May 21, 2011

1 Year Later...the nursery


Sawyer's accommodations the 1st night in the house


Sorry for the blinding light, it was very sunny the day I took pictures

Here's the breakdown of projects completed:

Removed carpet

Painted walls

Made curtains
Hung art and curtains

Painted window trim

And as you can probably tell from the pictures there are still a few things to do.

Still to do:

Refinish floors

Hang closet doors (we seem to have a problem with doors in this house, actually I'm just waiting to paint them all at the same time)

Paint baseboards (this is going to wait until we refinish the floors)

My favorite parts of the room are the fabric giraffe that Kyle and I DIYed in KS and the "S" picture above the crib.

And in the next month everything will be moving as we make room for the little lady. I'm sure I'll do another reveal once we girlify her side of the room.

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