Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Last week Kyle scheduled a meeting with a coach in Illinois and Sawyer and I got to tag along. It just so happens that one of our favorite families resides in this town. They were gracious enough to host us. Kyle enjoyed lots of football conversation and a round of golf. Sawyer enjoyed playing with the kiddos (especially trying to touch the baby). And I had a wonderful time conversing and even a little crafting. Thanks Brian & Jodi!

We were only gone about 36 hours, but it was a very refreshing break. I wasn't very good about taking pictures, but I did get a few at the park.
Sawyer hugging C...don't know why it is importing sideways
Sawyer enjoying the swing


  1. Oh, what a treat! SOOOO glad you were able to catch up with the Fishes. Hope they're doing well! We miss ALL of you guys....and need a reunion! :)
    - Amy

  2. How fun! Glad you guys could get together and catch up!