Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Cleaning

This past weekend the temperature was brisk, but the sun was shining so we undertook the daunting project of cleaning the garage.

We have lived in this house almost 1 year and thus far the primary job of the garage has been a workshop for all of our DIY projects. Plus some boxes that were put in the garage during the move never got moved to their appropriate spots. The garage has really been annoying me for a couple of reasons 1) I did not feel like we were using the storage space to its potential 2) It was not organized and 3) We could only fit 1 car in the garage.

First we emptied the garage and sorted everything based on its purpose (i.e. lawn care, strollers, car care, woodworking, camping, etc.)

Then Kyle got to work tearing down part of the ugly and unstable shelving system installed by the previous owner. He had the ingenious idea to repurpose the old kitchen counter into a work bench. It's a large L-shaped counter and within 30 minutes he had recycled the old shelving wood and turned it into a work bench that will have plenty of storage for all his woodworking paraphernalia. Plus it will make his work much more efficient.

Sawyer loved being in on all the action. He especially loved taking stuff out of the trash pile and bringing it back into the garage :) Thankfully after helping he took a nice long nap so we could continue to work.

I spent the afternoon organizing all the stuff and giving it a proper home. While the project is not fully complete I'm happy to report that the garage has been cleaned, decluttered, made more efficient, organized, and it now holds 2 vehicles quite nicely. Pretty rewarding for 1 afternoon of work!

The fruits of our labor: the trash pile

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