Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gender Reveal Party

On Saturday we invited a few friends and family members over for a gender reveal party. It's a really great reason to throw a party! I had lots of fun planning the small soirée. Which was planned well before we found out the gender of #2. I decided to go with a green theme for several reasons 1) it's gender neutral 2) we were also celebrating the start of spring and what says spring better than a little green? 3) I really like the color green :)

I must confess I was very bad about taking pictures of the actual event. So there are before and after's of the decor, but I was having too much fun during the event to remember to take pictures. Sorry :(

There are lots ideas on the internet for creative ways to reveal the gender. I wanted to do something creative and I felt like the blue/pink cake or cupcake had been done before. I saw one couple who put together a scavenger hunt for adults. I contemplated putting together a scavenger hunt for the little kids, but the oldest child that could attend was 2 and I wasn't sure if it would work for the age group we had. So, literally 2 days before the party I was perusing blogland for dinner recipes when I came across this recipe on Sugar Derby. The next day I decided to further pursue the cake ball in a chocolate chip recipe and when I visited the site her latest post was a gender reveal cookie. I knew instantly I had to try it, but after a huge sugar cookie fail earlier in the week I was a bit hesitant. However, I'm so glad I tried. This recipe has several steps, but it is not hard and they turned out perfect.

The night of the party we split people up according to their guess for boy or girl. We gave each one a cookie and let them find out the gender. The "winning" team got to eat 1st.

After devouring the food we played a rousing game of Apples to Apples and we sat and chatted for a while while the kids ransacked the house :)

It was a wonderful way to celebrate the start of spring and the start of this little girl's life!
Gender Reveal Cookies
Simple mantle

Chalkboard w/ paper bunting
Food table centerpiece

Mini paper bunting
Some cute little boy :)
Cucumbers and dip
Limeade paired with a vintage ice bucket
Green sugar cookies...remind me never to make sugar cookies again, they tasted good, but they did not look great
The after shot

Party Menu...trying to stay w/ the green theme
Green apples w/ caramel dip
Sugar cookies with green glaze
Cucumbers w/ dip
Chocolate chip cookies w/ cake balls


  1. WOW! You are so creative! Looks like a lovely party and what a neat idea to have the insides of the cookie show pink :) btw, I really enjoy baking cookies but I never do sugar cookies, lol!

  2. Looks like it was a great party, sorry we missed it! Love the reveal cookies!