Friday, March 11, 2011

A New Bathroom for Under $15

The goal for this bathroom was to make it functional and pretty while using very little money (as we'll have to invest mucho money in the other 2 bathrooms :)

This room is our downstairs powder room. It's approximately 18 square feet. I've actually questioned whether some of Kyle's football players will be able to fit in this bathroom, but I'm very excited for it to be functional. I spend most of my time with the kids downstairs, so it's not very convenient to go up 2 flights of stairs to use the restroom. I either have to leave them and pray they will behave themselves while I'm gone, carry them both upstairs, or let them slowly climb themselves. And with another baby on the way having a bathroom so close to the playroom will be very handy. Ya know, so I can make sure they are not strangling the new born.


Lots of ugly wallpaper that was poorly applied, peel & stick tile that did not fit together, and no tp holder, towel rod or mirror.

We actually demolished this bathroom in May 2010. The same weekend we demolished the kitchen. Obviously not my brightest idea. The bathroom literally sat in a destroyed state for over 9 months. Finally, when my dad was visiting I got the gumption to clean it out. Then my dad fixed the bad dry wall spots and made a support for the sink. Then I got busy painting the room. Kyle put in the flooring, trim, and toilet.

The bathroom during the renovation process w/ all of our helpers.

And for the big (or shall I say small) reveal

Price Breakdown
Paint: free using a gallon we already had
Flooring: free using leftover wood floor from upstairs
Trim: free using leftover trim from upstairs
Sink: kept the existing one
Toilet kept the existing one
Light: kept the existing one (only light fixture in the entire house that was bearable when we moved in)
Mirror: $2.50 from Restore
TP Holder: $1.50 from Restore
Towel Ring: $1.50 from Restore
Rug: would have been free if I could use the hand-woven silk rug I purchased in Morocco, but considering this bathroom will be oft used by potty training toddlers I decided to buy a cheap rug for the time being, $5 from Gabriel Brothers
Decor: purchased from our travels around the world
Grand Total: $10.50

The walls are looking pretty bare, but I've got something up my sleeve. The inspiration for this bathroom is travel. Long ago (okay 5 years ago in college) when I traveled to fun places like Europe and South America I decided I didn't want to buy petty little souvenirs. So, I came up with the idea that each new place I traveled I would buy a piece for a future bathroom. Now that time has come. I have a rug from Morocco, a vase from Greece, pictures from France, Mexico, and London; a fan from China, etc. And I'm so excited to finally be able to display everything! I'll report back once everything gets on the walls.

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  1. WOW! I don't think there's anything more to say than WOW (except maybe that I'm a bit jealous of both your amazing design and bargaining skilz, lol)

  2. soooo....uh...when are you guys coming over to work on ours?