Wednesday, March 23, 2011

12 month toys

For memories sake and to help those who may soon have a 1 year old to buy for here are some of Sawyer's favorite toys @ 12 months. These toys are not necessarily the exact toys Sawyer has, but they are very similar. If you click on the name of toy beneath the picture you will be directed to the source site.

1. Golf Clubs: My parents have a golf club set and when we were in Colorado for Thanksgiving Sawyer was constantly swinging the clubs and running after the balls. When I spotted half a set of similar golf clubs at the Salvation army for $1 I quickly snagged it. S and G play with the clubs daily. Maybe someday they will actually help with his hand/eye coordination.

2. Stacking cups: these have been a favorite toy since he was about 6 months and they continue to entertain. This is our go-to toy for outings. They are so compact yet you can do numerous activities with them making them perfect for hours of entertaining. We even use them in the bathtub because there are holes in the bottom of each cup.

3. Leap Frog birthday cake: Sawyer received this for his 1st birthday and he loved it instantly. He dances to the music and it teaches counting skills.

4. Riding toy: Sawyer received a riding toy for Christmas and developmentally he has grown leaps and bounds since getting this toy. He learned to climb on, use his feet, and of course he loves to press all the buttons. He especially loves to be pushed around, but I can see this toy being a favorite for some time as he can start using his own leg power to zoom around the room.

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