Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Snow Ice Cream

So, I've been seeing tons of snow ice cream recipes around blog land and I was intrigued for several reasons 1) the recipes seemed simple and 2) I love ice cream.

Last week the weather was so warm and all the snow melted. I could sense spring, but then the other day it started snowing A LOT. While I am disappointed that we will not see the grass for at least another month I decided to seize the opportunity. Plus I knew we didn't have any sweets in the house and this would be a fantastic dessert.

I set a very large bowl outside to collect the snow as it fell. Then I used this recipe from Back to Her Roots found on Spearmint Baby to concoct our snow ice cream.
Ingredients: 1/2 cup sugar, 1/4 cup milk (if you have dry snow like us you will need more), 1 tsp. vanilla (or other flavoring of your choice), food coloring (optional), and a whole lotta snow (approximately 13 cups)

I measured out approximately half the snow I collected and stirred in the sugar, milk, and vanilla. Once it was thoroughly mixed I added the other half of the snow plus a few drops of food coloring and then stirred it all together.

You can serve it immediately or put it in the freezer to enjoy later. Of course when it comes to sweets I don't wait until later, so Kyle and I devoured it quickly.

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  1. This is very popular this year. I think it sounds good. Although Troy would not touch it because he is weird about eating snow and cookie dough.