Wednesday, February 9, 2011

When Sawyer Met Brooks

On our way home from Christmas break we stopped in NE, so a couple of little guys could get to know each other. Here's their 1st interaction.

Hi there!

Won't you play with me?

Mom, Dad who is this guy?

Let me show you how this whole play thing works.

Don't cry this is fun :)

I've mentioned Brooks and his parents a couple of times. Kyle and Blake were and are the best of friends. They were born about 1 month apart and until their junior year of college (correct me if I'm wrong) they had never spent more than a week apart from one another. While their sons can't play together very often we're hoping that they too will form a strong bond of friendship over the years...maybe some summers spent in KS at the grandparents? They could have a lawn mowing business :)

While it wasn't love at first sight I think they will grow on each other. Even though they are the same size Brooks is 3 months younger and not quite used to the whole walking and loud talking baby in his space. But they tolerated each other. And you can tell from the pictures now that they have checked each other out the friendship will continue to bloom.

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