Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thoughts on #2

First picture of baby #2 @ 10 weeks

Here's a bulleted list of my most recent thoughts since finding out about #2:
  • SUPRISE!!! It took me 9 weeks to connect the dots.
  • Now I know why I have felt sick/nauseous for the last month
  • This pregnancy is very different than my 1st. With Sawyer I never felt nauseous. I was tired, but I also had a lot going on. This time I feel sick nearly every evening. If I don't eat something every 2-3 hours I get very weak. And I am soooo tired. Those of you who know me well know I am not a napper, but for the last several weeks I have needed a nap after lunch in order to finish the day. Lets hope this exhaustion ends after the 1st trimester, because I MUST be productive during the kids' nap.
  • The one similarity between this pregnancy and Sawyer's pregnancy is my craving of red meat and my absolute disgust of chicken. In fact that's what came back up on our anniversary. Just talking about that white meat makes me feel ill. In my first pregnancy I did not eat chicken for at least 8 months and it looks like I have to bid adieu again. Bring on the red meat.
  • Oops, in the last month I have eaten cold lunch meat sandwiches, went skiing and fell, ate honey (I couldn't wait for this when I finished nursing in mid-November and I'm pretty sure I ate a lot of honey), stopped working out due to weather conditions, and I wasn't always taking my vitamins. I just have to trust that the baby's health is in the Lord's hands.
  • Thanks to the super smell I acquire when pregnant changing poopy diaper and emptying poopy training toilets is 100 times worse than normal and results in me gagging at least 4 times a day.
  • Minivan here we come!
  • I'm convinced the baby is a girl simply because this pregnancy is nothing like my boy pregnancy.
  • Lord, please let this baby come safely 1-2 weeks early...August is the start of football season which means I am lucky to see my husband for 1 hour a day. August 9th is the due date and that's not too bad as the players will not yet be on campus. Camp (meaning 18-20 hours of work per day for 2 weeks) doesn't start until mid August, so as long as the baby arrives on or before the due date I think my husband will be around for the birth. Hey, looking on the bright side if he gets home around midnight maybe he could do a late night feeding :)
  • Thank you Lord for this wonderful blessing.


  1. We're not supposed to eat honey?!?!?!

    Sorry you're nauseated this time around.

  2. I hadn't heard that we're not supposed to eat honey, either. I was so sick at the beginning with Eve that I had to go on Zofran. A lot sicker than with the boys. Your kids will get along great, being close in ages. My boys are best friends and love playing together. I hope your nausea ends really soon!!

  3. From what I have read honey contains spores which can (probably a small possibility) can infant botulism. The CDC recommends that children under the age of 1 not consume honey (pasteurized or non-pastuerized) Most adults are strong enough that the spores in honey will not affect them, however when I am growing a baby or breastfeeding I decided I wouldn't take that chance...just in case. I'm not really crazy about the whole honey thing I just don't buy it when I'm pregnant. If someone were to serve it to me. I'm sure I would consume it. Hopefully, that makes sense.

    Thanks Jenny! Actually just this week the nausea and extreme exhaustion seem to have subsided. I'm starting to get my energy back. I'm really curious to see if #2 is a boy or girl and to see how they interact since they are so close in age. Hopefully, like your sons they will be best of friends.

  4. I'd heard not to feed honey to babies, but never heard not to eat it myself. I also ate lunch meat sometimes, it's usually safe in this country, I'm sure you'll be fine. And I once knew a lady who skied until 6 months!

    You had Sawyer a bit early, didn't you? (I recall being kinda jealous of that!) In my opinion, that ups your chances that #2 will come before the EDD too.

    And yeah, it could be a girl because you feel so much more sick this time. Of course sometimes the differences mean nothing, but yes it's fun to speculate! Will you find out by ultrasound or wait?

    Congrats! We're excited for you guys!

  5. I have never heard that about honey either. Actually I drank tea almost everyday during pregnancy, caffeine free of course and so did my co-worker. Neither of use had heard that one. But everyone doctor is different.