Sunday, February 13, 2011

13 months

My favorite outfit and evidence that he's just as cute from the back as he is from the front.

My brown eyed boy

Now that S is 1 I probably won't do a monthly post, but this month he seems to be learning by leaps and bounds so for memories sake I thought I better write it down.

Mastered going down the stairs. He's been able to climb up the stairs for months, which means we have had to use the gate pretty much all the time because he could not safely go down. Now he can go down like a pro. He moves down going backwards with his feet and kind of slides on his stomach until his arms reach the next step. It's the cutest thing when he has reached the bottom he always tries to keep going down. He just keeps inching his body down until he is squirming on the ground. After I laugh at him I tell him he's all done and that's the signal that it's safe to get up and walk :)

New words: duckie, quack

New signs: please

And something that astounds me and Kyle is he can follow commands. We may exploit this because we think it's so stinkin' cute. For example, if you ask him to get a diaper he will walk over to the diaper storage area and then bring you a diaper. The other day he got in trouble for throwing a toy at me and he voluntarily walked to the time-out chair. It was so cute I couldn't even put him in time-out :)

The pacifier has been removed except for sleeping times. Thus far the transition hasn't been too traumatic for either Sawyer or his parents. We simply take the pacifier out of his mouth when he awakes and leave it in the crib. As long as he can't see it, he doesn't want it.

Had his 1st stomach bug in which he threw up or dry heaved no less than 8 times in one evening span. It was very sad, gross, and sweet all at the same time. I felt so bad for the little guy, but on the positive side he laid in my lap for over an hour and then fell asleep in my arms...unheard of around these parts. Even though he was sick :( I'll take the snuggling when I can get it. This sickness resulted in S sleeping in the parentals bed, the parents getting no sleep, but the baby ingested several pedialyte bottles in the middle of the night and was like a new person in the morning.

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  1. awww! Pearl had a stomach bug at that age too and it was my first experience with a kid having one that young. The others were at least 2 or more when they first puked and could more easily understand and even aim it. It was heartbreaking watching one so tiny go through that. Glad Sawyer is feeling better. And sounds like he is doing awesome in other areas as well :)