Friday, May 13, 2016

iPhone Unload {April 2016}

Pictures (top to bottom, L to R): building their own butterfly houses at Home Depot (sidenote: I took all 3 kids by myself...not the best idea when 3 kids are wielding a hammer...especially one crazy 2 year old ;); boy loving that usually turns into wrestling even at restaurants; Kolter kisses for Daddy; Nora thinking those boys are crazy

Pictures (top to bottom, L to R): brothers bonding over tree climbing strategies; Kolter loving his 1st fun dip experience; Sawyer and Jael showing off their fun dip tongues at spring football practice; Nora and Koko snuggle time; my baby...for now; Sawyer just relaxin'; Sawyer and Mommy snuggle time before bed; Kolter owning Daddy

Pictures (top to bottom, L to R): when you think you own the football complex you literally get out EVERYTHING to make an obstacle course (who is watching these kids?); Kolter posing for a selfie; Sawyer and Nora excited about the new carpet in their rooms; toast with gooseberry jam, chocolate spread and sprinkles on the lunch menu for the Wild Kratts fans in the house #nutritiouslunch #funmom; Kolter just acting like a big boy and watching a show in Mommy's bed

Pictures (top to bottom, L to R): a rare selfie because I needed to see what I looked like and we didn't have mirrors at the rental house ;); Sawyer's pirate day at school; the first Lego building session in our new home...and we hadn't even moved in yet; move in day and hopefully the last time I see a U-Haul in the drive for a long while; our 1st night in the new house and Nora HAD to make up her bed and of course she slept in a skirt and a stocking cap; Nora excited to sleep in her new bed in her new house; Sawyer and Nora's hot air balloon made from straws

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