Friday, May 20, 2016

House Progress with Little Helpers

We moved in to the new house at the end of April and it was still very much under construction. Here's a peek at some of the progress plus some glimpses of how the kids have been "helping" with the remodel ;)

Quality control for the carpet installer

Enjoying the new carpet in their rooms

The weekend before we moved in my Dad came down and helped Kyle install the kitchen cabinets.

When you're renovating a house sometimes you have to go to extreme measures, so we brought the Lego's over so Daddy and Mommy could get some work done while the kids entertained themselves.

Kolter sanding down some walls...he has DIY in his blood

Soon after purchasing the house we learned the city would be building a sidewalk in our neighborhood. Hooray!!! The sidewalk just happens to be on our side of the street. Hooray!!! It also includes new driveway approaches for everyone. So that's been the big excitement since we moved in. We've spent lots of hours watching the construction workers break up the concrete, level the ground, pour cement, etc.
Gotta love the free entertainment

Our yard is in poor shape, so one nice day I started tearing out the very overgrown flower beds and the kids had to get in on the action.

Finally, time for our own driveway reconstruction. It was a little loud for the boys ;)

When we moved in we didn't have a functioning kitchen. About a week later our countertops were installed and then Kyle was finally able to install the faucet and dishwasher. Lets just say I was never more happy to do the dishes ;)

We still have lots of house projects in progress, but we're getting there...having a functioning kitchen really helped!

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