Monday, May 2, 2016

Girl's Night {Cinderella}

My girl and I had a date night recently. She LOVES girl time and so do I!

We started by getting ready, which included curling her hair (she is constantly asking me to curl her hair ;)

We went to her favorite place for dinner...Chick-fil-a. After dinner we went to the store to purchase snacks and a gift for the next part of the evening.
Then I took Nora to her 1st stage production, which happened to be Cinderella presented by the local high school.

Sidenote: As we waited in line for the show Nora spotted a school friend and promptly ditched me to go talk to her friend. What?! She is only 4! I didn't think I would have to worry about that for a few more years! Throughout the night she talked to several people she knew from school and church. She knew way more people than I did ;)

She loved the show, but couldn't decide if it was truly Cinderella or not.  It was the Roger & Hammerstein version of Cinderella and she quickly realized it wasn't the Disney version she was accustomed too. Nora declared it Cinderalla 8 (like a sequel or an eighth version)!

Can you sense how she is cherishing this ice cream cone?

She really enjoyed the play and the snacks we had! The play did run pretty late, so by the 2nd act she was asking to go to bed. But she persevered until the end because she really wanted to meet Cinderella and give her a gift (instead of traditional flowers she gave her a solar powered fluttering butterfly ;)

She was over the moon when she got to meet Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother!

It was a successful date night and she was asleep before we left the parking lot!

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