Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Little Miss & Soccer

Our neighborhood church was offering soccer for 3 & 4 year olds this spring and Nora jumped at the chance to be on the same team as some of her friends. She signed up purely for the social aspect. She has seen Sawyer play soccer, but never really showed any interest in we didn't know what to expect.

She was very excited for the 1st game, especially after she received her uniform!

The first quarter she was pretty timid. She would kick the ball when it came to her, but wouldn't really follow the ball or go after the ball. Then toward the end of the 1st quarter she scored a goal and something clicked. She started running all over the court constantly trying to get the ball (no matter who had it ;) She was very focused and dare I say aggressive. By the end of the game she had scored 5 goals and we were all in shock!

The 2nd and 3rd game were more of the same. She was a go-getter and scored at least 7 goals in each game. Honestly we stopped counting.

The league is very low-key with no practices, only weekly games so she is still learning the rules. She need to practice defense and passing a bit more ;)

During the 3rd game she was doing her thing. She kicked the ball and the other team took possession and she stopped dead in her tracks and didn't follow the crowd of kids around the ball. We were a little confused, but then she starts talking to one of the coaches on the court and I could tell she was telling him that the boy with the ball (on the other team) was a friend from her while she is a pretty intense competitor the social aspect of the sport is just as important to her (oh and the snack at the end ;)

She is always worn out and red-faced after the 4 quarter matches!

We couldn't be more proud (or surprised) of our little miss!

The Cardinal Team

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