Monday, April 4, 2016

Easter {2016}

We were at Papa & Nana's for Easter. The kiddos awoke to their Easter baskets. One kiddo was not too excited...

But after a quick hug from his big sister (and maybe some chocolate) he felt better. Then we had a little egg hunt around the house (because it was super snowy outside).

After all the egg-xcitement we got ready for church.

 The kids looked cute, but the photo session didn't go so well…oh boy…you can't win them all.

Daddy/daughter love
the bad photos continued with the combination of cold, bright sun and 3 kids
the kiddos did a bit better with Papa and Nana

After a great church service we went to Uncle Wes and Aunt Christina's house for a delicious family lunch. Then we went back home for naps and more packing.

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