Monday, April 11, 2016

The House {Before}

This is mostly for our memories sake, but here is what the house looked like when we purchased it. This house was owned by an elderly woman. She moved out a few years ago and since then it has been a rental property. So, for the past few years it has not been well maintained. Don't let the pictures deceive you. It was dirty and needed lots of work. In fact, I looked at this house once and walked out saying it was too much work…but then Kyle talked me into going for a 2nd look and that's when we fell in love.

Also, just a reminder there are no basements in OK and very few 2 story homes, so we were searching for a house that would accommodate our family of 6 (as we grow). It was a tall order, but I think we found the one!

 The landscaping needs some major help, but a fun surprise was the daffodils and tulips that came up this spring!

Formal living room: while this looks pretty good there was a flood from the hot water heater in the garage so the cheap laminate flooring was molding and gaping in spots.

Family room: we love the space in this room and the fact that it is open to the kitchen. Also, those built-ins will be fun to decorate! We also love the vaulted ceiling and sunlight.

We do not love the large light on the wall (big white box), large wall mirror or paint color

Dining room: We love the built-in but it has a terrible paint job and that celery green paint also has to go!

Kitchen: this is the room that needed the most work…from the pink tile to the cabinets that don't close to the original (a la 1970's) wall ovens (nasty)…it all had to go...

Sunroom: this room is off the living room and will make a great bonus room, but it needs some work like new windows and there are some mold issues. We'll address all that later.

 Master bedroom

 Master bath: not my taste, but recently renovated so it will stay, this room also had some major mold issues…as we started demo we learned it was a broken pipe that had been leaking for a looooong time. 

 Guest room

 Nora's room: she loved the colors and the popcorn ceiling that was sparkly…both have to go. And just a little diy tip…do not paint small stripes on a textured wall!

 Boy's room

 Kid's bath: also not my taste, but recently renovated so it will stay as is for now.

Back yard: it has a nice patio and is fully fenced, but the landscaping needs some help Though we do have a peach tree that is supposedly quite good!

Not pictured: laundry room/mud room and the 1/2 bath.

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