Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Kolter turned two about a month ago and since then I feel like he has grown leaps and bounds…so I'm doing another update post ;) Also, these cute pictures had to be shown!

His verbal skills have exploded. He can say pretty much every word. He has several new words per day. He is not really talking in sentences, but he will string a few words together. And he always gets his point across. He can name all the pups, all the colors and all the sports ;)

As of 4/6/16 Kolter no longer has a pacifier (or baba as he called it). For several months he only had it at sleep times. One morning I asked him if he was a big boy and ready to get rid of baba. He responded with a resounding "yes" and threw it across the room (he likes to chuck things). So that morning I collected all the pacifiers and besides one nap when he found a hidden pacifier he hasn't looked back. He hasn't even asked for it!

We have also learned he associates people and places with food. For example, one day at the grocery store we were buying tortilla chips and he repeatedly started yelling Papa, papa, papa…he remembered that Papa likes to eat tortilla chips (we don't often have chips at home, but he recognized the specific chips and remembered that Papa ate them) same thing with coffee. Another time we visited a sports facility we had only been to once before (several months prior) and as we entered the building he said "hot dog" which is what we ate the last time we were there. It's so funny what they remember…can you tell he is our good eater? His world must revolve around food ;)

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