Friday, October 17, 2014

Lego Adventure {Great Lakes Science Center}

Recently I organized a play group outing to the Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland, OH. There were 15 kids 5 and under in a science museum…it was a little bit of pandemonium but we had tons of fun.

I hadn't heard much about the science center, but we decided to go because of the LEGO exhibit. I was thoroughly surprised with all the interactive displays that were perfect for the kids. It isn't billed as a children's museum, but every exhibit had something for the adults and something for the kids.

I allotted 2 hours for the tour because I figured by then the kids would be exhausted, but we could have stayed all day!

Many of the kids stomping/dancing on cells

Sawyer sitting in a space shuttle

Kolter hung out in the stroller, but he too loved all the action

Climbing on the Mars landscape

My little astronaut

Another cute little astronaut

They also had a kids area that we barely got to explore due to time constraints, but this ball pit was a hit

At the bubble show very focused

The bubble show was great for this age group, can you see the bubble in the slinky?
And we finished with the main attraction: LEGO's!

Sawyer building his LEGO creation
After you finished your creation they had a green screen area to take a picture of your object and put a background on it. Below Sawyer made his creation into a plane and then a pirate ship.

 We had soooo much fun! If you are in NEO and need a fun day trip with the kids I would highly recommend the Great Lakes Science Center!

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