Monday, October 6, 2014

Game #5

This weekend the game was at Ashland and it was a night game. I decided earlier in the week that it would not be a wise idea to take the kids to a night game that was over an hour away. So, Sawyer and Nora had a blast at Uncle Cliff and Aunt Jess' house.

Kolter joined me at the game…the 40 degree, cold, wet and windy game! Kolter has now been introduced to cold football games and he was a champ. He donned warm socks, a sleeper, socks as gloves, a stocking hat, heavy coat and 2 blankets. He was cozy, but his range of motion was very limited so he primarily just sat on my lap.

Here we are trying to stay warm.

This was his expression when I asked him what he though of cold football games :)

As for the game itself…it wan't too pretty. Ashland beat Malone 42-13.

Thankfully during the second half Kolter cozied up in his car seat and fell asleep for the remainder of the game.

After the game we rushed to the car so we could regain feeling in our legs and toes :)

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