Monday, October 13, 2014

Game #6

Before the game this week we went to our 1st Malone tailgating experience. A few of the freshman parents are hosting a tailgate before each game so we joined in on the fun. I enjoyed meeting some of the parents and the kids loved all the attention and sweets people would gladly hand them :)

This week the Malone Pioneers took on Northern Michigan. And I'm happy to report it was a VERY good game! The teams battled and the scales tipped toward both teams throughout the game. Half way through the 4th quarter Northern Michigan was starting to pull ahead with a 14 point lead. But you can't count the Pioneers out! They rallied and scored 14 points in 5 minutes to end the game with a tied score.

It was super exciting and somewhat nerve wracking to head into overtime. The Pioneers were on offense 1st and they scored a touchdown! But then the scary part…it was time for the defense to take the field against the NM offense. The defense held strong and the Pioneers won 42-35!

It was a very exciting 1st win of the season! We were thrilled and to top it off it was homecoming at Malone, so the kids also had a blast with festivities.

Sawyer taking a family selfie before we went to the game

There was face painting! Nora chose Olaf.

And Sawyer chose a monster…so he could scare people :)

There were also balloons! Sawyer chose a sword and Nora chose a fishing pole with a fish. Sad to report that neither balloon creation made it to the end of the game :)

It was a brisk fall day, but Kolter didn't mind. He loves all the activity of game days!

Nora adores her daddy and loves on him every chance she gets!
Our attempt at a victory family picture…Kolter was sleeping, Sawyer was melting down…oh boy not our best

Nora with the homecoming king! Nora is a child that will literally run away screaming from a mascot, but a strange boy with a crown she is all in. Funny child :) She patiently waited in line to get a chance with the king.

Just a couple of my monsters.

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