Monday, November 11, 2013

Planes {First Movie Experience}

While daddy was away on a weekend football trip the kiddos and I were going a little stir crazy, so I decided going to the movie theater would be a fun activity. Planes in 3-D was showing at our $1 theater and I thought that would be the perfect introduction to cinema entertainment for my kiddos.

When I told them what we were doing they didn't quite get it. Sawyer thought we were getting a redbox movie :) once we got inside the theater and he saw all the food he decide the theater wasn't such a bad place. We ordered our popcorn and headed to our seats. I made the decision to arrive right as the movie started because I didn't want the kids to get squirmy while waiting however because we got there so late the only seats available were in the front.

I said a quick prayer and we headed to the front. I handed out their glasses. As soon as Sawyer put his on a preview with a large T-Rex came on the screen in 3-D all the kids in the theater screamed and Sawyer ripped off his glasses and refused to put them back on :) Sawyer loved the whole experience, the candy, popcorn and the actual show. Nora was a little more of a handful. She wanted to talk and walk around. She cried twice because I wouldn't let her leave our row of seats. She didn't really fit in the seats so they kept folding up on her and she would get stuck. But if she sat on my lap and I kept the food coming she did pretty well.

I didn't really get to enjoy the show as I was on high Nora alert, but the fact that they both loved it made it well worth the effort. Daddy got home late that night and when Sawyer saw him in the morning the 1st thing he said is "my name's Dusty! You have to call me Dusty." For days everyone he saw he insisted they call him Dusty :) I think he like it!

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