Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fall Walks

The weather in October was unseasonably warm and we were not complaining. The nice weather meant extended outdoor playing this year and we took advantage. When the sun was shining you could find us outside trying to soak of the last bit of sun before winter.

Typically we take a walk/bike ride. Sawyer is becoming quite adept at biking so he will speed ahead of us while Nora either walks or rides in the stroller. On this particular evening Daddy got to join us!

At some point Sawyer always gets too far ahead, so he stops and runs back to us. This time Nora had just fallen and since she wasn't getting much sympathy from her parents Sawyer happily obliged.

a hug to subside the pain

a little hand holding while Nora explains what happened

Then Dr. Sawyer went into action to check out the damage...his diagnosis was 2 band-aids

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