Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Eleanora's 1st...

dentist appointment.

excited and all ready to go with her purse
Nora had her 1st dentist appointment earlier this month. She had been to the dentist a couple of times when she tagged along for Sawyer's cleanings, so she understood the concept. But this was the 1st time she got to ride in the chair.

literally smelling the roses before we went in

As we approached the building she said I want a pink toothbrush. Then as we checked in she asked the receptionist for a pink toothbrush. Then when the hygienist came to get us she asked for a pink toothbrush :) Thankfully, her smile and charm worked as she was not only given a regular pink toothbrush they also gave her a pink Spinbrush that she can decorate with stickers. She was a happy camper before we even made it to the dental chair.

Nora got suited up with the bib and sunglasses. She took a ride in the chair. Then the hygeniest polished and flossed her teeth. Then the dentist came in and checked her bite and teeth. Everything checked out well and Nora did a wonderful job keeping her mouth open and she never got scared. I would say that was a successful 1st dentist appointment!

And of course after such a monumental event we had to have a celebratory treat :) She (and I) got to enjoy a DQ mini-cake.

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  1. Of course you have to get ice cream after the dentist - it's what keeps them in business! :) But in all seriousness, I WISH they had those mini-DQ cakes at ours in Hutch. The only time we get to enjoy those slices of heaven are when we order an entire cake (which rarely happens!).