Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Comparing 1, 2, & 3

1st ultrasound at 10 weeks
 It's always fun to speculate on the baby's gender, so I thought I would do a little comparison to see if I can deduce the gender based on my past pregnancies.

Heart beat
#1 15 weeks 169 bpm
#2 12 weeks 169 bpm but her heart rate went down considerably throughout the pregnancy at 16 weeks it was 142 bpm and at 36 weeks it was 139 bpm
#3 12 weeks 180 bpm (high heart rate could be caused by thyroid issue)

#1 Never sick, nausous with some smells, chicken was repulsive
#2 Nauseous until week 12, extreme exhaustion until week 14, chicken was repulsive
#3 Nauseous until week 12, extreme exhaustion continues

#1 Red meat, ice cream, cereal, s'mores
#2 jello, apple sauce, red meat, fruity candy (not chocolate)
#3 Red meat, cereal, chocolate

Weight Gain
#1 no weight gain until 20 weeks
#2 week 12 no weight gain, week 16 up 10 lbs.
#3 week 12 up 5 lbs, week 16 up 10 lbs.

#1 Carried him very low the whole pregnancy, never felt a dropping experience b/c he was so low
#2 Carried fairly high, distinctly remember when she dropped at 37 weeks
#3 kind of hard to tell this early, but I have already been experiencing a difficulty taking deep breaths when I am sitting which to me indicates I am carrying this baby high

can you tell? All I can make out are the arms and legs
After this analysis I am leaning towards it being a girl. Considering my past history only the heart rate and food cravings favor a male gender. All the rest of the indicators are similar to Nora's pregnancy. Only time will tell...

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