Saturday, October 1, 2011

Quick Health Update

I recently had my 6 week post partum endocrinologist appointment to establish a baseline for my thryoid levels (I was initially tested when I was pregnant and that can skew the numbers).  My last appointment when I was 9 months pregnant showed my TSH, Free T4 and Free T3 levels had all returned to normal levels.  At this appointment my TSH went below the normal range (.2) and my Free T4 and Free T3 levels remained in the normal range (1.07 and 2.8 respectively).  Because my antibodies were high and my TSH is a bit low it indicates some form of hyperthyroidism.  The doctor is leaning towards Graves Disease because of my antibody levels being elevated (188, 139 is the high end of normal).

The good news is at this point because my levels are not "too bad" and I'm not demonstrating any symptoms there is no need for medication.  Please pray this continues because if symptoms of Graves Disease do appear and I need to start medication I would have to stop nursing Nora as the drugs are not safe for her.

I will continue to be monitored every 3 months.

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