Sunday, October 2, 2011

Game #5

This weekend Malone traveled to Michigan to play Concordia University.  The Pioneers won by a score of 27-0.  It was a good team effort as you can tell by the score.  I think the defensive coordinator is always happy with a shutout :)

The kids and I did not travel. We spent most of our time indoors as it was cold and rainy outside.  We did go grocery shopping and had a fun night with some of the other coaches wives and kids.  I also got some crafts done for a couple of upcoming baby showers.

Since I have no game day pictures here are a few from the past week.

Daddy giving Nora a workout...Daddy thinks a tight grip at 8 weeks is very important :) 

Love this outfit...can you tell her eyes are getting darker by the day?

Nora laughing...can you tell she's turning into a chunky monkey?

Lest you think Nora has become the favorite child...she's just easier to take a picture of right now.

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