Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

On Saturday they held a big Easter egg hunt at a nearby park. We decided to walk over and join in the fun. Well, we arrived 2 minutes late and it was over. Seriously, all the kids were walking back to their cars. Sawyer of course had no idea what was going on, so it didn't phase him, but I was a little upset because I wanted him to have his 1st egg hunting experience. We certainly learned our lesson for future Easter egg hunts.

However, Daddy came to the rescue and scoured the field for a missed egg. And much to our surprise he found one. We called Sawyer over and he was able to get his 1st egg and it had a nickel in it.

Shaking the egg

Sawyer's 2nd experience with the Easter bunny...he was not impressed

On Easter Sunday we went to church and heard a wonderful sermon directly focused on sharing the gospel. That's one thing I always love about the Easter service and our pastor did a great job of explaining the gospel and the power of Christ's death and resurrection to the unbelievers in today's world.

We hurried home from church to host an Easter barbecue. The chocolate covered peeps were the table centerpiece and part of the dessert. We had a great time eating and chatting with family and football friends. Unfortunately, it was pouring down rain, so the kids did not get a traditional easter egg hunt.

This is Sawyer before church getting his 1st easter basket with lots of goodies from the grandparents.

He immediately picked up an egg and started shaking it. He's was so excited and then the egg broke open and candy spilled all over the floor. He said uh-oh and started crying because he thought he had done something wrong :)

Mommy & Sawyer

Sawyer & Daddy

Our little family

Cousin Gracie & Aunt Candace in their cute easter attire

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