Monday, April 4, 2011

Baby Gear for #2

While we have most of the baby gear we need for baby #2. I have thought of a few things that would be convenient for baby #2 that we did not have for Sawyer.
I realize this contraption may only be used for a short time, but Sawyer loved to sit up and be in the action. While I don't know what this baby's temperament will be I realize I will need some hands free time to play with Sawyer and this item may help. Plus I've heard lots of great reviews. This is also an item I may be able to purchase at a garage sale or borrow from a friend.
We currently have this high chair. We love it, but it's not very transportable and when we have guests over we have one less chair. This little number is what we're looking for. It attaches to the table and can be easily removed to take to restaurants or friends houses. Plus Sawyer will still be in a high chair/booster when the next baby starts eating so we will need two children's seating options.
3) An official diaper bag
When Sawyer was gestating I opted for a large purse from etsy to serve as his diaper bag. I wanted something unique that could function as a diaper bag, yet not scream diaper bag. I still love my etsy diaper bag, but the reality is with two children it's not very practical. Now that there will be twice as much stuff to lug around I really need some pockets to stay organized. I thought as they grew older they needed less stuff, but I was wrong. Now not only will I need to take the baby necessities (diapers, burp cloth, pacifier, blanket, change of clothes, bottle, etc) but I also need to carry toddler necessities such as a sippy cup, snack, diapers, small toys, etc. This is the bag I REALLY want, but unless I can find an amazing deal on ebay it's not going to happen. Right now I'm not going to lower my standards...I've got time right? We'll see what I end up with.

Any other suggestions for making life with multiple children run more smoothly?
How about new things that have come out in the last year that are a must have?

And a few other things I need to start thinking about that are not directly related to #2

1) A twin bed: Sawyer is getting kicked out of his crib and we should probably invest in a sleeping alternative for him

2) Girl's clothes: While Sawyer has some sweet clothes I can't in good conscience dress this next child in blue and green all the time. However, I do see her in some camo pj's in the future courtesy of her brother's hand-me-downs.

Picture sources: Babies'r'us bumbo and high chair, Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag


  1. We used a pack and play with a bassinet for our infants. We didn't have room for a crib in the small apartment we lived in when Samuel was born, so we used the pack and play instead. Then when Darius arrived, he slept in the pack and play, while Samuel was in the crib. Even Eve slept in the pack and play when she was born. For a diaper bag, I would suggest a backpack. We use one with Eve and it is so handy to sling it over my back and carry her around. I wish I would have had one when the boys were little. Hope this helps!

  2. We did the pack n play too. By the time Pearl had it, I was sick of the original "pad" in it (more like a bumpy board by then) so I bought a portable crib mattress and put it in there, they are very close to the same size (I rolled a blanket tightly to fill the small gap until Pearl was older). Or you can get a toddler bed and buy a 2nd crib mattress for it. But I understand wanting to skip that and go straight to a regular twinsize. Winter moved to a twin at about Sawyers age (because she was the mellowest baby ever) and it worked fine but she looked itty bitty in such a big bed, lol!

    A friend of mine used to work at and gave me a backpack style diaper bag that had a cool wipes flap
    I never needed much in the way of diaper bags, but my kids are further apart in age than yours, maybe that's why (I also tend to stash a lot of stuff in the car instead of carrying it with me)

    We had a bumbo for Pearl and it was fun. Definitely not a necessity but fun. A bouncy seat served the same purpose for Winter-- to help the little one not only able to look around and watch big brother, but also to keep her out of the path of destruction, LOL!

    Other favorite product I loved with my not first kids was a sling (I have a peanut shell brand one, but there are lots to choose from), so I could wear the baby while I pushed the toddler in the stroller or let him walk. I didn't do much "babywearing" the first time around, but I did with #2 and #3 :)

  3. More for Sawyer, but a really cool item!

  4. Thanks everyone for the great insight!

    Beth: what a great idea...something I wish I had thought of :) Maybe the perfect little something for our little man's easter basket.

    Jen and Kit: We will be doing a pack'n'play in our room for a few weeks with the new baby (Sawyer only lasted 2 weeks in our room). But it is a great idea to remember just in case Sawyer is not quite ready for the big boy bed. Thanks for helping me see the big picture with sleeping arrangements. If he's not ready then no big deal the little girly will get the pack'n'play a little longer. And good to know about the backpack as a diaper bag. The bag I'm coveting can actually be worn as a back back so that may be the perfect option. I never thought about using a back pack but if it works so well for you I think I may have to give it a try. I will probably just borrow a bumbo from a friend. We don't need anymore baby expenses and we don't have a bouncy seat, but I would like something to keep the little one out of the line of fire :) And Kit, good to know about the peanut shell type sling. For Sawyer I had a ring sling (which I only used when he was very small) and a moby wrap (only mine was from etsy) which I used a lot on walks when I was also watching Gracie. Like you I think I will be doing a lot more babywearing with #2. Gotta have those hands free :)