Saturday, April 16, 2011

15 months

Sawyer saw the pediatrician for his 15 month check-up.

He is getting so big, but he still hasn't reached that 20 lb. mark. However, if he had eaten a handful more Cheerios the morning of the doctor's appointment he would have been right there :)

Weight: 19 lbs. 14 oz. (3%)
Height: 29.5 inches (20%)
Head Circumference: 17.75 inches (10%)

He may be getting taller, but he's still a skinny mini. At the doctor's office I was filling out a development questionnaire for Sawyer and one of the questions was: How much physical activity does your child get in 1 day? My options were 1 hour, 2 hour, or 3+ hours. I just smiled and marked the 3+ hours box. In my head I was thinking the only time he does not get physical activity is when he's sleeping so 12+ hours of physical activity would have been a more appropriate answer for Sawyer. This may also explain his ability to gain weight :)

At his well-child check-up he received 2 shots (tetanus and MMR) and he was a trooper. Developmentally he is right on track. I had to laugh as Sawyer was literally running and throwing the ball around the small exam room the doctor asked if he had started running. Um, yeah ALL the time. I think the more appropriate question would be, when does he stop running?

Also, in the waiting room I noticed most of the other children around Sawyer's age were sitting calmly in their mother's lap. Sawyer will not sit in my lap unless he needs a drink break and then within 10 seconds he's off to the races again. In fact, when I was talking to the front desk nurse he was wiggling out of my arms, so I put him down. The next thing I know a woman gets my attention to tell me Sawyer had just exited the building when someone opened the door to leave. I ran to get him and by the time I reached him he had made it through two doors and onto the sidewalk outside. If he sees an open door he bolts immediately. Not going to win mother of the year after that mishap, but at least I caught him before he reached the parking lot or the street. He definitely keeps me on my toes.

Some highlights from the month: LOVES to play with the ball and blocks, says a new word nearly everyday, can follow commands (even when you're not talking to him :), puts himself in time-out after I talk sternly to him (even if I am not requiring time-out), becoming a picky vegetable eater, loves to touch/pat newborn babies, tried juice (watered down) for the 1st time and didn't really have much interest in it, has learned to play the "I'm smaller than you" card by becoming very sensitive when an older, larger child tries to mess with him (i.e. Daddy throws a ball at Sawyer's head and he laughs, a 2 year old boy throws a ball at Sawyer's head and he cries hysterically)

This is Sawyer's most recent funny face. He makes it when he thinks he is being funny.

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  1. Sorry Sawyer! Ben is kind of an imposing figure and he did through balls at your face...hope you are still friends! :-)