Saturday, April 23, 2011

An apple a day...

is supposed to keep the doctor away

However, on Monday of this past week Sawyer had his 1st fever.

It was gone by the next day so I thought it was a reaction to his MMR shot.

As the week progressed Sawyer developed a runny nose, congested cough, was fussy, and clingy. He was also chewing on his fingers and drooling constantly. We chalked it up to teething.

By Friday he only wanted to be held or sleeping. Something was obviously wrong as he never wants to be held.

So, at 4 pm on Friday we went to the doctor's and he was diagnosed with his 1st ear infection. He also received a script for his 1st antibiotic.

I think it's huge blessing that he made it to 15 months without going to the doctor for an illness, but I am also very thankful that the diagnosis is treatable. And less than 24 hours after the doctor's appointment Sawyer is acting much more like his normal self (right now he's tickling daddy).

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