Friday, December 30, 2016

Picture Practice

7 years ago we bought our first DSLR…since then I've promised myself I would learn how to shoot in manual mode…well it just never happened, so this month I finally decided to take the leap and join an online photography course. My hope is that by spending money I will force myself to take the time to learn. So far that philosophy has worked ;)

The first part of the course focuses on the content of the picture. I was challenged to practice the rule of thirds, lines, movement, framing, keeping it simple, balance, lighting and angles.

All of these pictures were taken in auto mode to focus solely on the composition. Next up is learning the manual settings!

Unfortunately this isn't a great time of year to practice photography because the cold weather makes it difficult to shoot outside…where I have the most desirable lighting. So the baking pictures were taken inside and the other set of pictures was taken during a hike…that was supposed to be warm, but turned cold very quickly ;)

This is not a practice picture, but we were coordinating that day with our army jackets and leopard print ;)

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