Monday, December 5, 2016

OK to OH

For  my birthday this year Kyle gifted me with a trip to OH to visit friends and family! I never would have thought that I would choose Ohio as my vacation destination of choice, but I couldn't have been more excited!

The day after my birthday Evy and I boarded her 1st flight. This travel day didn't go as planned…we boarded our early morning flight and sat in the plane for an hour before we deboarded…we were delayed 2.5 hours due to O'Hare being closed. I missed my connecting flight and was rerouted to New Jersey then to Canton. We did a lot of waiting in O'Hare then on a whim I went to my gate and learned there was an earlier flight for CAK and miraculously we got on via standby. However, our bags didn't have time to change routes so they would come in the on the next flight from New Jersey…well that flight was delayed and then cancelled and to make a long story short Evy and I were without bags and a car seat for 3 days ;) I thought I would keep things light by checking all the luggage and not bringing a stroller…that was a bad idea as my 7 hours of travel turned into 16 hours. Thankfully, Evy was a champ! She did great in the baby carrier and never made a peep on the flights!

Once we arrived in Canton I rented a car and drove to my sister's house. They are recent OH transplants so it was fun to see their new house and surroundings. It was also great to spend time with my sister and play with my nephews.

And Evy got to meet some of her cousins!

After a few days I traveled back to Canton where I got hardly any sleep, but  had tons of fun! Evy met another Aunt, Uncle and cousin. We went to a girl's night and stayed out way to too late. We enjoyed our 3rd annual Friendsgiving, got to spend time with lots of friends, ate my favorite ice cream, went to our old church and drove by our old house. Evy even saw her first snow!

Playing Jimmy Fallon's Stranger Strings game at Friendsgiving 

The Friendsgiving table…I'm so thankful for all of these faces

Handel's ice cream in the freezing rain ;)
Brennan loving on baby Evy!
We were sad to leave, but excited to get home to our people. I was exhausted, but the flights home went smoothly and Evy did great! So thankful for the little getaway and the chance to see friends I haven't seen in almost a year!

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