Friday, October 21, 2016

Who's Who? {1 month comparison}

With each kid we love to compare and contrast. We study them to see who looks alike and what features favor someone else. How are their personalities the same or different than their siblings?

Here's a look at each of the kiddos at 1 month (top to bottom, L to R in age order). Who do you think Evy looks like?

Below are a couple more 1 month shots of each babe.

This picture of Sawyer reminds me of Evy's eyes. Her eyes are already a deep brown and so are Sawyer's.

From birth we felt Evy favored Nora in the facial feature department and I think these profile pictures confirm what we already thought. Evy has a bit more hair, but the hair pattern, eyebrows, nose, cheeks, lips and chin are basically the same!


Then we have our outlier…it's pretty safe to say he has his own unique look. It's also safe to say he is our only blue-eyed, dimpled baby.

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