Monday, October 10, 2016

Soccer Saturdays

This fall Sawyer and Nora have been playing soccer each Saturday. They play together for team Germany. They love it and they are improving each week!

Nora struggled at first because she is the youngest player on the team. Last spring she was older, faster and more aggressive than most of the kids on the field and therefore she usually scored 5+ goals a game. That isn't the case as she is now in the 5-7 league. However, once she scored her 1st goal during the 3rd game she regained her confidence and went on to score 2+ goals most games. Also, it should be noted our sporty girl has not abandoned her girly ways…she has worn a skirt to each game ;)

We have been impressed with the improvement in Sawyer's ball skills and his dedication to defense (thanks to Daddy ;) He is averaging about 4 goals per game. 

Daddy has to work many Saturday's and one game he couldn't make so he asked for a video…I just happened to catch a goal! So, check out Sawyer scoring a goal!

And we can't forget our littlest player, Kolter. Much to his chagrin, he is not old enough to play on the team, but each Saturday he suits up with the big kids including putting on shin guards ;)

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