Monday, October 17, 2016

Naming No. 4

Eveyln Kay

Evelyn: life (Celtic), wished for (English)

We have always taken great care and consideration (ahem) when naming our children. We discuss names we like, names with meaning, how the name sounds, family names, etc. With the fourth child we certainly contemplated many names and mulled over the significance, but I'm happy to report this was our easiest baby to name.

During our anniversary trip to California, Kyle and I finally had a chance to discuss baby names. I had a short list of boy and girl names. I presented my top two girl names as Klara and Evelyn. Both fit well with the vintage feel of Eleanora. I liked Klara because it started with a "K" and would further the KS tradition (Kyle, Kristen & Kolter). I liked Evelyn because it started with an "E" and would coordinate well with Eleanora. I also liked Evelyn because we could give her a nickname in keeping with Eleanora (Nora).

Kyle choose Evelyn as his personal favorite. After about 5 minutes of discussion the first name was set.

Her middle name was also a breeze as we wanted to honor our own mothers. Nora shares Nana's middle name (and my own). Evelyn shares Mema's middle name…Kay

The bigger discussion came after her birth as we tried to determine her nickname (what she will be called 99% of the time). We contemplated Evy (pronounced like Chevy without the ch) and Elyn (pronounced E-lin, not Ellen). Both had pros and cons, but in the end Evy seemed like the right fit.

As a sidenote, if Evy had been a boy it would have been our most difficult naming experience for several reasons…
1) We had already used our 2 top boy names (Sawyer and Kolter)
2) Daddy is a football coach and won't use any boy names he has ever played with or coached. I believe this has been previously documented, but it still makes boy names HARD
3) We were looking for a surname and adventurer to coordinate with Sawyer and Kolter.
4) We could not come to an agreement on the middle name…family or Biblical name

Since this is our last child (Lord willing) I'll tell you the boys name…

and the middle name would have been Wayne (Mommy's pick) or Ehud (Daddy's pick) and there would have been a long discussion at the hospital ;)

And for memories sake Nora wanted to name the baby Peaches and Sawyer wanted to name the baby Jack.

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