Monday, September 5, 2016

House Progress {Summer Edition}

Amidst all of our summer travels we also worked on several aspects of our fixer upper. Here's a look at the progress…keep it mind it's still a work in progress as none of the rooms are fully complete.

Living room:

This is what the living room looked like when we moved in. We had painted the wainscoting and patched some holes, but it needed a lot of work.

And this is what the living room currently looks like. Still a work in progress, but I love the shelves and the art ledge…and the couches…and the rug. I just love the way it's coming together. I need to change out some of the artwork in the frames and then I may paint the fireplace too.

I painted the walls, we bought some new furniture and a rug and in a last minute nesting frenzy Kyle built me a huge picture ledge and we finally got some pictures on the walls.

Kids rooms:

Over the summer we made a few tweaks in the kids rooms including updating the boys ceiling fan to their specifications (Royals colors). I also sewed curtain panels for their rooms and hung some items in Nora's room. More pictures to come when their rooms are a little more complete.

Guest Room:

This is what it looked like when we moved in, patched holes and a painted ceiling.

We had several guests over the summer, so we tried to get this room as complete as possible. The kids even got in on the painting action.

Here's the result, using items we had around the house and a little paint made a big difference.

I love the light blue walls and the pops of color throughout. Since this picture I have also added curtains using fabric I already had on hand.

Front Yard:

Our jungle of overgrown plants when we moved in.

The outside didn't get a lot of attention, but we did remove the biggest eyesore and attempted to make it look more streamlined with the addition of boxwoods, azaleas and day lilies. Once we tore everything out and added mulch it started to look a bit more like us, but it's still a work in progress. The other big development was the addition of a sidewalk in the neighborhood!

And last but not least the kitchen…

When we moved in the kitchen had been gutted and the cabinets and appliances installed. Soon after moving in the countertops were installed…then we took a break from the kitchen.

look at that crown molding!
Our major kitchen focus over the summer included installing the trim/crown molding, adding a backsplash and putting on cabinet hardware.

I love how it all came together! This room is close to done I still need to fill in the nail holes/caulk some seams and hopefully this winter we'll get the floating shelves and new light fixture installed. Then it will be DONE!

Dining Room:

The dining room has been painted. I especially love the white built-ins with the navy background. Obviously, we still need a table ;)

Also, this summer Kyle built me a desk. I love it and it really helps me feel like I can stay organized and do my work (and crafts ;)


And we'll end with one of the most complete portions of the house and also one of my favorite. I love the antique brass knobs, the Moroccan rug from my travels and the vintage "S" I also took a chance and painted the light alcove which I think is a fun color twist.

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