Monday, August 24, 2015

Fan Makeover

This summer I decided to tackle a few home improvement projects that were fairly simple, but have needed to be done for a long time.

First up was our ceiling fan situation. All of the bedrooms have an outdated ceiling fan. I forgot to take "before" pictures of the full fans I assume they were all from the 80's…Nora's was white with brass accents, the boys was black and UFO looking with gold accents and the master bedroom had one with oak wood and wicker accents. They were certainly an eyesore.

Daddy and his helpers (in their pajamas) removed the blades.

These are the original (dirty) blades.

I gave them a good scrub, lightly sanded them and then spray painted the blades. We chose to leave the motor hanging. I simply cleaned it, taped paper to the ceiling (to protect it from overspray) and then spray painted it.

Here are the final products:

Nora's…bye-bye brass, hello all white with a new light
The boys…bye-bye black, hello brushed nickel with white blades and a new light (the previous one was broken)

Master bedroom…bye-bye fake oak, hello oil-rubbed bronze

This was a very simple project that didn't take much time or funds. I think it's a huge improvement!

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