Monday, August 17, 2015

4 is fun

Oh my favorite girl! You bring such joy, light and drama ;) to our life! We are so thankful for your life and can't wait to see how God will use you for his kingdom!

Weight: 34 lb. 9 oz. (48%)
Height: 39.5 in. (46%)
Nora is (and has always been) normal/average in stats…for this we are so thankful

As for her personality…it's far from normal

You are:

a social butterfly--for your birthday party we told you to pick 1 friend to invite. After several minutes of thinking you said "Can I invite 5 friends? Or 100?" We stuck to 1 friend, but you love to be around people!

a middle child

love men! It's a strange quirk. She adores her daddy and all of her papa's. She asks about them all the time. If she is on the phone with a grandma she always requests to talk to papa. She has also attached herself to one of Kyle's young coaches. He has been gone all summer and one time we thought we saw him and she was so excited, but when it wasn't him she melted into a pile of tears. She says he is her best friend ;)

a person that loves to go--she always asks where are we going next or what we are going to do for fun

ask to make a craft multiple times a day. Thankfully she is pretty creative so she can come up with most of her own "crafts."


full a drama and eye rolling…already

our comedian! She makes us laugh all the time with her one liners.

always giving compliments…to me, her brothers, stopping complete strangers on the street

loving Jessie and Lambie as your favorite stuffed animals

a self-proclaimed decorator! You love to decorate (your room, for a party, it doesn't matter)

colorful! Your favorite color varies between pink, purple or sparkly

are fancy and love to wear dresses (the fancier the better)

a good eater

have a sweet tooth

wear size 4 clothes and size 9 shoes

a flower child! You could look at flowers all day!

have some sensory issues. You don't like clothes tags. You resist the feeling of jeans. You hate the way your car seat feels between clothes and legs. It's really the only thing that makes you lose your mind ;)

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