Friday, November 14, 2014

My team {Halloween Style}

For Halloween we did a theme this year…introducing the Schenk team!

Daddy: the large and in charge football coach
Sawyer the rough and tough football player
Nora the spunky cheerleader
Kolter the rolly polly football

After trick-or-treating we got a family picture. Hooray we are all looking at the camera! I realized after the festivities I should have dressed up like a referee or something, but oh well maybe next year.

the player and his ball a.k.a. brothers
The week before Halloween we did a trial costume run when we went to the mall for some Halloween goodies. Lets just say I'm glad we had a trial run because it didn't go so well…Nora was in top cheerleader mode with lots of drama and tears ;) Thankfully she was all smiles for the main event.

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