Sunday, December 15, 2013

Teaching Kids the True Meaning of Christmas

As our kids continue to grow (why does this have to happen?) we are continually looking for ways to explain the true meaning of Christmas during the holiday season.

I had high hopes of creating an Advent calendar/countdown that incorporates their favorite Bible, The Jesus Storybook Bible. Well, the Advent calendar didn't happen, but we have been following a reading plan from the Jesus Storybook Bible. Here's a free printable from Home With The Boys that outlines the plan.

Every Christmas Kyle and I do at least 1 giving project such as an Angel Tree child or a family we sponsor in our church. This year Sawyer's school was conducting a toy drive for needy children in the area and I thought it would be the perfect chance to get the kids involved in giving. Neither Sawyer or Nora really understands the concept of money. Sawyer plays with it like treasure and still thinks the coins are more valuable than the paper money.

The day I had scheduled to buy the gifts I talked to Sawyer and Nora about Christmas being Jesus' birthday and what a gift Jesus was to us. Since they understand the idea of gifts/presents I talked to them about other children who don't have toys/gifts. Then I asked them if they would like to buy gifts for those kids who may not have many toys. They both emphatically said "yes" and much to my surprise Sawyer declared he was going to go get his money for the presents. I was fully prepared to pay for the gifts, but I thought it was so sweet he wanted to use his money (from birthdays and such) to buy a gift for someone else. Sawyer decided he wanted to buy a SpiderMan for a little boy and Nora decided she wanted to buy Buzz Lightyear for a girl gift :) She subsequently decided it was Buzz's birthday, not Jesus…I guess we have a little more work on the concept of Christmas.

While at the store I had to explain a few times that the gifts weren't for them, but for a needy child but in the end they chose their gifts (Spiderman and a Doc McStuffins doctor bag), paid for it with their own money, then wrapped it and presented it to the teachers. I was quite encourages with their giving spirit and excited attitude!

They hear the story of Jesus through us and at church, but these 2 activities are our first concerted effort to teach them the true meaning of Christmas. We're learning as we go and I know repetition and consistency is important. Do you seasoned parents out there have any advice or activities that truly helped your child grasp the concept of Jesus' birth and the significance?

These pictures have nothing too do with the post, but I figured a post should include a few pictures. These were taken right before the football banquet last weekend.

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  1. We use the Jesus Storybook BIble plan as well (and have for the last few years). We all love the stories in the book!