Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Decor

Here's a look at our Christmas decor for 2013. Actually I don't think I ever showed you our fall decorations, so 1st here's a picture of the fall mantle.

Since Thanksgiving was so late and we are traveling for Christmas I decided we would do a mini version of Christmas decorating. And I wasn't feeling the glitzy side of Christmas this year, so the decor is pretty subdued with darker greens and red.

 And this year I had some helpers that were actually pretty helpful. Nora assisted me through the whole process of putting away the fall decor, getting out the Christmas goodies and putting it all together. She did the whole display of mini ornaments herself (see finished product below)

 Sawyer was SUPER excited to help with the tree! The kids put on all the unbreakable ornaments (that's why it's a little bottom heavy) and I put the breakable ornaments above (out of the reach of little fingers :)

Nora's ornament arrangement

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