Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vacation 2011

This year we went on vacation with my side of the family. It was quite an adventure as we traveled to Utah and spent a week on a house boat. We all had lots of fun and considering there were 17 people ages 1 to 80 in very tight quarters we all got along famously.

Sawyer mostly enjoyed playing with his cousins and running up and down the hall. He didn't love the water, but towards the end of the trip he became more tolerant and would play with a ball in the hot tub (that wasn't heated) for a good while. However, he was not a fan of the sand. We also got to enjoy (we as in his parents) the 1st sleepless night in his entire life. He was up until 3 am one night and he simply was not tired. He just wanted to play and given the very tight quarters his parents were not happy campers. However, we survived and the rest of the week his sleeping returned to normal.

Everyone in the family quickly learned how FAST Sawyer is. I don't think anyone truly believed me. I'm sure they thought...he's 1 we've got to be quicker than a 1 year old. We all learned that was not true as he quickly dashed to any and all open doors. He also figured out how to open and close doors so there were several times he would perform a vanishing act by hiding in someone's room. Normally not a big deal, but when you're surrounded by water it's a little nerve-wracking. Thankfully God protected our little escape artist and he never went overboard.

I mostly enjoyed relaxing in the sun and reading magazines as I couldn't really participate in the water sports. Kyle however had lots of fun on the speed boat tubing and kneeboarding. He did pretty well for an old guy. He also got to enjoy some fishing.

Thanks mom & Randy for planning this vacation! I know it was lots of work, but it was wonderful to be with the whole family and we had lots of fun!

And now for picture overload:
Attempting to go to bed the 1st night on the boat

Our view of beautiful Lake Powell

Our home for a week

Sawyer learning some rock climbing skills. And Kyle is not trying to make a fashion statement with the turbine. He lost his beloved Royals hat to 50 mph winds on the 1st day so he had to find a way to keep the sun off his sun burnt neck.

Sawyer & Tyler playing with the big red ball

Running down the hall

Papa giving golf lessons to the kiddos

1 of many intense games of chess...Adam & Randy

Grandma entertaining Sawyer

Kyle caught the 1st fish of the trip, however it was not nearly the largest

Me & Kyle

Playing on the beach amidst the canyon rocks

Adam & Wendy soaking up the sun


His 1st speed boat experience was primarily spent doing this.

He did get a chance to "drive"

We took the short hike to Rainbow Bridge

Lake Powell

Grandpa, Christina, Wes, Kristen, Kyle, Wendy, & Adam at Rainbow Bridge

Sawyer's 1st reaction to the water

Noah & Tache playing in the hot tub

Sawyer warming up to the water...he's got a ball that always helps

Noah & Sawyer in their matching gear

the 4 cousins: Colten, Tyler, Noah, & Sawyer

Our family of 3 1/2
Playing in the water

Tickle fest while drying

Papa & Sawyer

Tyler & Sawyer in their favorite spot...at the end of the hallway right near the back door...why oh why?

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