Friday, June 9, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

For all the Mother's in our life this we created this fun piece of art using the kids hands as flowers. I took a picture of the original and printed pictures for each mom/grandma.

Mother's Day was an extended event this year and all of the celebration made me feel very loved! First up was mornings with Mom at the kids school. I enjoyed donuts before school with all 4 of my kiddos (Kyle was out of town so I took them all ;)

On the actual holiday I was traveling back from a weekend in CO. Since 14 hours in the car with 2 little ones is not my ideal Mother's Day we postponed it until the next week ;)

On Monday, I enjoyed a special Mother's Day Tea in Nora's class. She was so excited to sing the songs and serve me the treats. Such a fun event! See some of their singing below:

The next Friday we did our real celebration and it was complete with gluten-free pancakes, gifts, and a whole day off! I spent most of the day shopping for fun...I didn't buy much, in fact I think the only things I bought were for Kyle and Sawyer, but it was fun to just look around. That evening I took Nora to look for swimsuits and we had a fun girl time. I'm so thankful for my 4 babies and my husband!

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