Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Boy's Room {Before & After}

Here's a peek at the boy's room. We painted and put in new carpet before we moved in. Their furniture remained the same. I also painted their ceiling fan. Most of the room was complete when we moved in, but it took me 9ish months to finally hang their gallery wall and call their room complete.

the room before
the room during the renovation process
The finished product: 

The gallery wall features many meaningful pieces including special Lego creations, birth announcements, license plates from the states they were born in, in that space on the lower right will go a set of antlers that is in progress, items passed down from grandparents, and room to grow. I love this wall!

This side of the room features their bunk bed, a few books and their handmade (by mom) curtains.

Kyle is usually the picture hanger in our family, but he taught me his ways and I hung all the pictures on this wall (insert proud chest puff), but I'm afraid I've now earned myself a new job!

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