Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Sawyer's Seven!

Sawyer is seven and due to the weather he enjoyed a week long birthday celebration.

On his birthday he woke up to balloons, banners, gifts and a snow day!

In all actuality the ice storm never fully developed, so to beat cabin fever we went to Chick-fil-a for lunch with friends. A little birthday ice cream for lunch.

Then he got to do his favorite thing! Play with Legos during rest time! He had a few new sets that he finished in one afternoon!

Mom: What would you like for your birthday dinner?
#isaidyes #yolo

His fun day with friends was scheduled for Saturday, but due to the ice storm it had to be rescheduled until the next Saturday. He was happy to oblige.

He chose to take 2 friends from school to the trampoline park and then Chick-fil-a.

the whole gang
so excited for his party to begin

He finally got his cake of choice once we reached the restaurant...he chose this one because it had a toy on it ;)

And he gave his party guests invisible ink pins and a blank book to write secret notes in.

Legos, snow day, jumping, friends and ice cream...I would say it was a perfect way to celebrate our favorite 7 year old!

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