Monday, January 23, 2017

1st Semester {Kindergarten}

Sawyer has completed his 1st semester of kindergarten and he is loving it! Some highlights:

His favorite subjects are science and p.e.

In November he completed all his sight words for the year and has moved on to reading AR books. He is currently reading at a 1st/2nd grade level.

He received a Broncho Brand (ready, responsible and respectful) when he helped a classmate that didn't have a partner find a partner.

His spelling and writing is developing and we love to see the things he has written in class.

Below is a sampling of his artwork and some his (funny) writings ;)

I thought this was a pretty good representation of Arthur
I was impressed by his vocabulary and writing of camouflage
I love you Evelyn (too cute)
lettuce on your turkey...cook for 300 hours...

love the spelling of cornucopia 

Love that he is thankful for God and his siblings!

Love his little handprint and the fact he believes he will be a purple ninja when he is 50 ;)

 Over the summer I...went to the water park and pool in Branson with my cousins.

 Translation: I can see pronghorn (antelope...I didn't know what this was) at the zoo.

A sweet drawing of Kolter and Evy
 I love his little mind! Yes, the sun is big, but who thinks of a snow shoe hare when you are thinking of small things (which by the way they are small ;)

This school year I would love to learn about...sins.
All about me...I like to play with legos and Star Wars.

Favorite food: PB&J
Favorite Toy: Legos

With the addition of Evy I wasn't able to volunteer in the classroom as much as I would have liked too, but I was able to help with the Christmas party and we had so much fun at the craft station!

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