Friday, October 2, 2015

Sawyer Sayings & Eleanora Explanations

Sawyer wearing ALL the dress up clothes


After a week of safety school…Mom when you see a stranger you should kick him and run away yelling stranger danger!
We may have to work on that…this kid is so literal!

I broke my strength

Sawyer: I want to be like Moses.
Mom: Why do you want to be like Moses?
Sawyer: Because he listened to God!
Mom: Yes, he did! I think that would be a great thing to do!

Mom: jamming away to a country song while driving home
Sawyer: is this song about God?
Mom: Um…no.
Sawyer: I think we should only listen to songs about God!
Mom: (feeling convicted…pulls out a worship cd ;)

It's all my pleasure!
(he says this in response to lots of things ;)

Me: trying to wrangle all the kids into the van, no one is paying attention…Ok, guys you need to put on your listening ears.
Sawyer: I don't have any of those.

Setting the scene: Sawyer was doing worksheets that involved matching like items. It had a cow and a lion on 1 side and various animals to be matched.
Me: What animal is this and where does it live?
Sawyer: a cow lives on a farm
Me: What animal is this and where does it live?
Sawyer: That's a lion and it lives…on the African savannah
Me: Well, that is correct, but maybe too specific. I think they were going for in the wild ;)


Nora getting out of her bed when she should be sleeping.
Mom, I want to snuggle.
Nora it's after bed time. You need to get back in bed
But Mom, look I'm wearing my sleeping shoes (sparkly pink church shoes…she wanted to wear her new shoes so bad, she thought it best to sleep in them)

Mom, my thumb is bleeding! I'm going to lose all my air! Jesus is going to have to rebuild me!...what logic ;)

While swimming…
Mom, who is going to marry me!

Mom: Nora we are going to a friend's house today!
Nora: Do they have dogs or cats?
Mom: No, they are allergic.

After applying some chapstick/lip gloss and putting on a necklace and bracelets.
Nora: Am I all dolled up?

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