Friday, October 16, 2015

iPhone Unload {September 2015}

 Pictures (L to R, top to bottom): 1st day of preschool fro-yo treat for Nora; Nora showing her true colors; this summer Kolter (and I) have managed to lose 2 Crocs. The 1st vanished into thin air in KS. We purchased another pair and somehow one disappeared into the black hole of the minivan. Thankfully he lost 1 from each foot, so he still has a full set! #thirdchild #howdoesthishappen #mismatchedshoes #itsalltherage; the scene of the crime…no one was spared…including her own hair. Rapunzel has the hair to handle it, but the other ladies will have to wait it out #theywillsurvive #schenksalon; a baby in boots; I turn my back for 1 minute #atleasttheywerewashed #wehaveaclimber; neighborhood entertainment in the form of a tree cutting

Pictures (L to R, top to bottom): Kolter was supposed to be taking a nap…this is how I found him; Sawyer exercising at football practice; Kolter and Mommy selfless at football practice; Kolter trying to keep up with the bigs; I captured this moment to remember one of the 1st times all three of them played at the park together (instead of ignoring Kolter ;); Nora practicing her hand writing in her robe (she's so fancy ;); my apple eater…he likes to climb on the counter and grab anything that is available then shove it in his mouth ;)

Pictures (L to R, top to bottom): Wild Kratt…I mean Schenk brothers…without pants ;); Kolter enjoyed the spoils of our Malone football watch party #heisalwaysonthecounter #helpyourself; Sawyer wearing ALL the costumes; girls night/baby sprinkle/birthday party all in one; Sawyer on a rare one-on-one date with mommy and daddy…of course he chose Chick-fil-a; Kolter loves his snuggly blanket; happy 18 months to Kolter #thirdchild #thatdimple; Nora loves to accessorize; Kyle was working on the computer and Kolter climbed onto the couch, positioned a pillow just like daddy and sat next to him (he is such an impersonator)…no one can deny they look alike!; best friend siblings at the park (they even asked me to take this picture ;); had to commemorate the 1st day of welly season this fall…love my red wellies; Nora posing for her high school volleyball picture ;)

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